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Welcome!! ^-^

Hi. You might be wondering "what is this blog about?!?!". All I can say is, it is about some random rambles about my life, or it could be scans, summary or (hopefully) when I get better with Japanese, start a scanlation group of my own. Of course though all this might havebeen said, please DO SUPPORT the mangaka!!! ヾ(@⌒ー⌒@)ノ
With lots of love-24hikari

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kuma chan

Possible mangas that i might work on

I have been considering doing up summaries for namida usagi-seifuku no kataomoi and maybe monochrome shounen shoujo. That is, if the Chinese manga or raws are released faster. :D since my sch is currently having vacation, I have a little extra time to get a summary done. Hopefully at the same time, I can also improve my chinese and writing skills!! So yeah. Hope it all workout as I've planned!!

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I just started school 3 weeks back, actually a month ago to be exact. After 4 months of not touching any books and studying, my brain have become pretty rusty... To make things worst, the lecturers in the polytechnics teach really fast, with a very "unique" accent, making it quite hard for me to keep up. Oh well, what can I expect when I've already graduated from a secondary school. My classmates all seem so competitive! They seem to be a lot smarter than me... T___T Well, it's something that I chose myself... Though I love science, but it's a pretty tough subject. Sigh~ THis means that I would have to put in double or triple the effort the others put in when studying... Oh, the stress...... *crouch in a dark corner* It's only been a month and I'm already feeling so tired and stressed out. By the end of my 3 years long education in poly, I think that I might become a zombie or something, having to stay up late to put in extra Extra EXTRA effort in my studies. 頑張って 24hikari!!!!! I WILL SURVIVE!!!!! *fire in the eye*
kuma chan

Hana to Yume Issue 8 RAWS

Seiyuu Ka! Chapter 37


senri's "kitty" hime 

Apparently, senri's sick. Is it me or he seems to remind me of Hikari from S.A., when she's sick?? Hikari no.2??LOL >.<

Hime......Prettyyyy~ <3

It seems like hime had caught the cold from senri. ^^

FULL Seiyuu-Ka! Chapter 37 Raws~


Gakuen Alice Chapter 144

Natsume and Mikan REUNITE~!!!

all thanks to Shiki!! ^^


Hana no Kishi Chapter 23

Though I kinda expected that he's the mastermind, but still..... ?!?!?! Ren's brother?!?!?!

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